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Altria Logo - Design and History

 Altria Logo

Altria Group, Inc (previously named Philip Morris Companies Inc.) is the parent company of Philip Morris International, Philip Morris USA and Philip Morris Capital Corporation, and is one of the world's largest tobacco corporations. In January 2003, Philip Morris Companies Inc. changed its name to Altria Group, Inc. Both the name of the company and logo have strong meanings behind them.

Altria - The Name of the Company

Altria is derived from the Latin word altus, and conveys the notion of "reaching ever higher." It is meant to express important aspects of who Altria chooses to be€”companies and people that passionately strive for peak performance, that are never satisfied with past achievements and that embrace innovation, growth and new challenges.

Mosiac - The Logo

The Mosaic symbol in the Altria Group logo is meant to convey the diversity that defines Altria's companies around the world€”both the diversity of its operating companies' powerful brands, which their consumers know and trust, and the diverse people, cultures and knowledge that drive the Company's success. With its bright colors and unmistakable energy, the Mosaic symbol is a visual metaphor for Altria and its companies.

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