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Harley Davidson Logo Design and History

The history of the Harley-Davidson motorcycle began in Milwaukee in 1903.  The Harley Davidson logo is certainly one of the most famous logos in the world and the fans of Harley take pride in the bikes. The logo is popularly referred to as the "Bar and Shield" logo.  I have been unable to find much information on the origins of the design of this logo.  Once I do find some information, I will update this page.  
Harley-Davidson  also licenses its logo, which is a profitable side business ($41 million of revenue in 2004, or almost 5% of net income.  So the next time you purchase a Harley Davidson belt buckle, pen or sticker, part of that would go to the Harley Davidson company. Also, every Harley-Davidson dealership has a shop logo, a design that says something about the dealership and which sets it apart from every other dealership in the world. The next time you drive past a Harley store, look for its store logo too.

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