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Mastercard Worldwide Logo - Design and History

Mastercard Worldwide LogoThe Mastercard logo is one of the most famous logos in the world. You can probably go to any corner of the world and find a Mastercard logo pasted on the door of many busineses.  Mastercard Worldwide is the new name of the organization that was originally called Mastercard International. In 2006, it had an IPO on the NYSE and since then have also unvieled a new logo. The new logo is very similar to the old logo that is so popular. The noticable change is that the circles have been blurred.

According to the organization, this is their interpretation of the new logo -

"The three circles of the new corporate logo build on the familiar interlocking red and yellow circles of the MasterCard consumer brand, and reflect the company's unique, three-tiered business model as a franchisor, processor and advisor."


The old logo will still remain the logo that will be used on the credit cards. The new logo affects only the corporate branding. Lets just hope that the company's focus does not blur like its logo. The reaction to the new logo has not been very good from what I can see.

For a more in depth look at the Mastercard logo history, follow the link below


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