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Airlines Logos inspired by Birds

It should not be a huge surprise to find many airline logos based on birds but have you ever wondered what are the most popular birds on airline logos. I did some research on this and the results are below. 

The two most popular birds are the crane and the eagle. The table below has a longer list. 

 Image Air Jamaica - Red-billed Streamertail
 Image Air Koryo - Crane
 Image Air Lithuania - Crane
 Image Air Mauritius - A red paille-en-queu
 Image Air Macau - A Dove with the wing also forming the shape of a lotus
 Image Air Niugini - A raggiana bird of paradise
 Image Air Seychelles - A pair of white fairy terns
 Image American Airlines - An Eagle
 Image Canadian Airlines - A Canada Goose
 Image Cebu Pacific - An Eagle
  Centralwings - A Skua
 Image China Yunnan Airlines - A peacock

Condor Airlines - A Condor
 Image Gulf Air - A Falcon
 Image  Kingfisher Airlines - A Kingfisher bird
 Image  LOT - A crane
 Image  Lufthansa - A crane
 Image  Mexicana - An eagle
 Image  Silk Air - A Seagull
 Image  TAROM - A swallow
 Image  Xiamen Airlines - A crane

Source : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Druk 

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