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Adobe Systems Logo - Design and History


Adobe Systems Incorporated is an American computer software company headquartered in San Jose, California, USA. Adobe was founded in December 1982 by John Warnock and Charles Geschke, who established the company after leaving Xerox PARC in order to develop and sell the PostScript page description language. In 1985, Apple Computer licensed PostScript for use in its LaserWriter printers, which helped spark the desktop publishing revolution. The company name Adobe comes from Adobe Creek, which ran behind the house of one of the company's founders

The current Adobe logo is the alphabet A displyed in white on a red background. The origins of the current A lie in the original logo shown below which had the complete name "Adobe Systems Incorporated" on a bluish-gray background. The A part was modified slightly and is the current logo of the company. Marva Warnock, one of the founders wife designed the company logo.


Reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adobe 

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