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SuperBowl XLVI 2012 Logo Design

SuperBowl XLVI 2012 Logo Design

Super Bowl XLVI will be the 46th annual edition of the Super Bowl in American football, and the 42st annual championship game of the modern-era National Football League (NFL). The game, to be played on February 5, 2012, will pit the champions of the AFC and the NFC and will be held at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana. This will be the first time that the Super Bowl will be held in Indianapolis.  

The Super Bowl logos underwent a major change a couple of years and some new rules were introduced to standardize the Super Bowl logos. Starting with the 2011 Super Bowl, the theme of the logo will basically remain the same. The only differences from year to year are the stadium backdrop and the Roman numerals for the game. For this Superbowl, it means the logo displays the Lucas Oil stadium in the background with the Vince Lombardi Trophy sitting on top of the Roman numerals for the game. 

SuperBowl XLVI will be between the AFC Champions - New England Patriots and the NFC Champions - New York Giants. 

I am personally not thrilled with this decision by the NFL. If you look at the Super Bowl logos from the past you can see they each had a unique style that represented various aspects of the region, the country, the game etc. Some logos were really well designed and some were cheesy, but that was the fun of it. Going forward, all the logos are going to the equally standardized (read Boring!!!)

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