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Thank you NBC #NBCFail


Thank you NBC #NBCFail       

The 2012 London Olympics are being watched live by millions of viewers around the world but we in America are in a unique situation where NBC is showing most of the events on tape delay. While most Americans are unhappy with this situation are are tweeting with the hashtag #NBCFail, I would like to send a few Thank you notes to the wonderful staff at NBC.

  • Thank you for giving me the gift of time - With news updates, tweets, Facebook posts likely to update me of scores and results, I am able to get the valuable gift of time that I would have otherwise spent on these social applications. I wait until prime time and started tweeting about how great Phelps is doing. Most of my followers have left me because they think I am stupid.
  • Thank you for introducing me to new sports - While the rest of the planet was watching the men's 100m finals, we in America were lucky to be watching Show Jumping.
  • Thank you for teaching me how to control my anger - First you show the games on tape delay, then you show an ad telling us that the winner will on be on the Today show the next day before you show the results. Great programming. 
  • Thank you for teaching my 6-year old new words like neutering - Thanks to the incessant replay of the same commercials, my 6 year old has picked up new words such as 'neutering'. I am sure his teacher would be proud of his improved vocabulary once he returns to school from his summer break.
  • Thank you for freeing up my evenings in the Fall - You ran so many ads of your Fall shows during the games that I know NBC will not be on in prime time this Fall. You will continue to be in last place this Fall.

PS: The Thank You notes concept is taken from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Show, ironically on NBC

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