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Bollywood Movies on your IPhone with Netflix

Bollywood Movies on your IPhone with Netflix

Technology has moved ahead significantly in the few years since Netflix started delivering DVDs through the mail. A few years ago they introduced the streaming service allowing users to see videos on their computers. Over time, the on-demand library has not only grown significantly but is also available on numerous devices such as the PS3, Wii and Blu-Ray DVD players. Now comes the latest device to support the streaming...the iPhone.

When the service was announced for the iPhone, I was very thrilled because it meant I could watch a movie any time, any place. This comes in useful on trips when I am sitting at the airport or for my son when we are driving. The streaming service works over 3G or Wi-Fi. I have tried it over both and the quality (depending on your 3G Service) is excellent.

The application itself is still version one and needs improvement (especially in Genres Navigation) but it still provides a lot of good functionality such as

  • Ability to view/add to your existing On-Demand Queue
  • Ability to pause and resume your movie.
  • Given the small resolution of the screen, the quality of the picture is very clear.
  • The search function is good if you know what you want but if you are browsing then its a little difficult to find something.

Regarding the Bollywood collection, while its still small (about 75 movies), they have many of the latest movies showing up within a few weeks of the official releases. Some of the popular Bollywood films available are Dostana, Rajneeti, Kaminey, Chak De India, Swades etc.