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Qantas Logo - Design and History

Qantas Logo 2007

Qantas is the the national airline of Australia. Quantas was founded in Winton, Queensland in 16 November 1920. The name was originally "QANTAS", an acronym for "Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services". I never knew that. Good trivia question.

Qantas recently unveiled a new logo in July 2007. The change to the logo was prompted due to the changes in the structure of the tail of the aircrafts. Qantas took this opportunity to make the design of their new logo a little more contemporary. The new logo was design by Hans Hulsbosch of Hulsbosch Communications.

Some of the changes in the new logo are below

1. The feet of the kangaroo are more visible and do not appear to touch the ground.
2. The tail of the kangaroo appears to be pointed more upwards than before.
3. The italicized font of the airline 'Qantas' is different and shows a more significant lean.  

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Olympic Airlines Logo - Design and History


Olympic Airlines is the flag carrier airline of Greece, based in Athens. It operates services to 35 domestic destinations and to 39 destinations world-wide. Its main base is Athens International Airport, with a hub at Thessaloniki International Airport, Macedonia.

Although the logo resembles that of the Olympic Games, the airline is not named after the biggest international sporting event but rather after the Twelve Olympians, the principal grouping of gods and goddesses in Greek mythology, residing in Mount Olympus.  

According to the Olympic Airways archives, the first logo of Olympic was a white eagle, bearing much resemblance to a propeller, featuring five rings and the name Olympic. Just two years after the first flight, Onassis asked his associates to design a new logo and the coloured rings were created. Onassis wanted to copy the five coloured rings of the Olympic Games logo, but the International Olympic Committee claimed the rights to the logo and so a new, six ring logo was introduced. The first five rings stand for the five continents, while the sixth stands for Greece. Colours used were yellow, red, blue and white.

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Air India Logo - Design and History


After the formation of Air India International in 1948, four Lockheed Constellations were ordered to commence international operations. The management began casting about for a symbol that would denote speed and simultaneously have universal appeal. Sagittarius, the archer, is the ninth sign of the Zodiac. The Greeks represented this constellation in the act of shooting an arrow. As it symbolises movement and speed, the Centaur, a stylised version of Sagittarius, was selected as Air India's logo.

The Centaur is symbolic of the airline and stands out as a distinct and sole representative of the standards Air India has set for itself.

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