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Google is by far the most popular search engine in the world. Currently Google is involved in one of every two searches performed on the Internet. Most people I know use Google to search. Google has also become a verb now with people googling all the time. I have been running this website for almost 9 years now and right now 90% of my traffic comes from Google. If you have a website, its important that you understand how to tune your website for Google.  This section of my website offers tips on how to improve your rankings in Google.

Besides the search, Google offers other programs such as those listed below and my sites offers tips that should make your site more successful in case you are participating in those programs.

  •  Google SEO Tips - These are tips that should help you improve your page rankings in Google
  •  Google Adsense - This is a program that allows publishers to publish Google Ads on their site and earn revenues.
  •  Google Adwords - This is a program that allows you to purchase Google Ads that will either show up in Google's Search results as sponsored links or appear on the web pages of other publishers
  •  Google Sitemaps - Sitemaps allows users to specify all the links on their site and submit it to Google for inclusion in their index. 

A lot of "Google SEO Experts" will charge you money and make promises that they can get you the top position. I don't believe that such claims are truly possible for popular keywords and even if they do get you a top position you must understand which keywords they will use to get you the top listing. If they are getting you top position for your company name, then its no big deal. If they get you top position for your business keywords, then by all means pay them. I would even suggest that you hold back part of your payments till these promises come good.  Here is a good read on this from Google itself.

I have used all of the above Google offerings to increase the traffic to my website and earnings. I have had a 10x increase in my traffic in the last 18 months and also have had a15x increase in earnings too.  Look at the term "Famous Logos", "World Famous Logos", "India Jokes", "Bollywood Jokes", "India Careers", "Nike Logo" and you will find me on top or in the Top 5.

I have learn't  a few things about Google, purely based on my experience with the tools and I will share these Google tips for free on a regular basis. I don't claim to be an SEO expert but these tips should help you improve your site's position in Google. I have personally used to tips and seen them work. The changes you make will not push your ranking up overnight. Sometimes it takes a few months for the changes to happen so be patient with your changes. In some cases I have been able to quantify the difference it has made.  Try these out, wait for a couple of months and you should see a difference.

So why am I offering these tips for free when others are charging so much money for it? I personally don't think anyone should pay for it because they are just tips. If I was personally sitting and editing your sites then probably, I would charge some money. Also, these are tips that have worked for me and may not necessarily work for everyone so why charge some. If you do wish to thank me for these tips and if you are not a member of Adsense, then I would appreciate it if you signed up for Adsense using the link below.

If you have a Google SEO tip, please submit it here.

Google SEO Tip #2 - Keywords in TITLE tag

If you have followed Google SEO Tip #1, you would have already selected your keywords, Banjara Palace Restaurant - Tasty Andhra food in Malleshwaram Bangalore.

Tip #2 is a fairly simple tip. Make sure that the keywords you have selected appear in the <TITLE> tag as follows

<TITLE> Banjara Palace Restaurant - Tasty Andhra food in Malleshwaram Bangalore</TITLE>

Make sure every page on your website has a unique title that represents the content page e.g

<TITLE> Banjara Palace Restauurant - Malleshwaram Bangalore - Menu </TITLE>

<TITLE> Banjara Palace Restauurant - Malleshwaram Bangalore - Contact Us</TITLE>

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Google SEO Tip #1 - Choose the right Keywords

The fact that you are reading this article means that you have some interest in tuning your website in order to get additional traffic to it. As you all know, I insist that anyone claming to get you top rankings in Google is probably cheating you in some way. The tips I am suggesting are ones that I have personally tried and have had very good success with. I wish you luck with the same.

The first and most important thing you will have to do is determine the keywords you are tuning your website for. The trick here is to determine what your potential users are likely to search for. Also remember, do not try and tune for generic keywords because there will be a ton of other sites who have already tuned for it. Lets take an example. Lets say you have an Indian Restaurant called Banjara Palace in Bangalore. The first instinct may be to tune for "Banjara Palace" or "Indian Restaurant". Anyone who already knows your name is not your target audience, although its important to tune for your name as well.  Even if you get in the top list for Indian Restaurant, whats the point, someone in Japan who searches finds you will probably never come to Malleshwaram for lunch.

If you think carefully as to how your customer may be looking for you, you may come up with a different set of answers.

1. What type of cusine is your customer looking for - Andhra, South Indian

2. What words will they be looking for - cuisine, food

3. What location will they be searching for - Malleshwaram, Bangalore

4. What description will they be looking for - cheap, tasty

Based on this information, you may come up with a new set of keywords "Banjara Palace Restaurant - Tasty Andhra food in Malleshwaram Bangalore"

Remember, choosing the right set of keywords is the most important step. Spend a lot of time before you proceed to implementing the other tips.


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Adwords Tip #1 - Don't advertise keywords for which you have a top 5 position

I have seen this time and time again where advertisers spend money advertising keywords that get them the number one ranking in Google. If a specific keyword (e.g your company name) gets you the top position in Google, then it would be a waste of money advertising for that keyword.  I have seen tons and tons of companies seemingly wasting their ad budgets on this. Look at some of the examples below.

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Adsense Tip 1 - Content Content Content

The Google Adsense Program is built for webmasters who present content. The Adsense bots and other code parse the content of your pages, determine what the main topic of the page is and present ads that match the topic. So the most important aspect of your page is the content. The key things on any given page should be the following

  •  If possible, have an H1 tag on the page that identifies the topic being discussed.
  •  The page must have a good number of instances of the keyword being discussed.
  •  The page must have a good amount of content so that the Adsense bots can determine the theme of the page and eventually the theme of the site.
  •  Ensure that the page title also has the keywords that represent the content of the page.

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