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Driving in India - Another Look

Ah, driving in India. Or at least riding in the back of taxis and tuk-tuks. Once you get over the initial fear of the death, it's really quite amazing. To be certain, it is an art form and talent possessed by a billion people. To be even more certain, they make Miami drivers look good. To be even more certain yet, it's better than any roller coaster ride in the States.
If you were coming from the States, and felt the utterly insane urge to take up the extreme sport of driving, you must first take every rule of the road you ever learned and throw it out the window. Your driver's license means nothing.


India driving is essentially demolition derby with only maybe three percent of the demolition. Start off with the fact that the steering wheel is on the right and you drive on the left. For us, this is no longer an issue as we have had that in every country for the past seven months. Fortunately for you, the new driver, having to drive on the left here is really only a guideline, not the rule. If traffic is getting too sticky, or the right run you want to make is only a few hundred yards up the road, no problem! Just pull into oncoming traffic and do whatever you want. Do not worry, most of the time everyone will swerve at the last second.

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