Cricketer's Name Acronyms

Cricketers' names and what they really stand for

          Sanath - Swings At Nearly Anything That's Hurled
          Kambli - Killed All Mediocre Bowling, Left Immediately
          Kapil - Killed Aspiring Pacemen In Land
          Sohail - Swore Once, Heralding An Infamous Loss
          Prasad - Promised Revenge Against Sohail And Delivered
          More - Mouthing Obscene Rubbish Everywhere
          Gavaskar - Grafting Away Valiantly, Always Successfully Killed Any Result
          Goes Around Venting Angry Spiel Kicking About Rudely

          Azhar - At Zenith Had Ambrose Reeling
          Azharuddin - Almost Zaheer-like His Artistry, Rivetting Umpteen  ...Devoted  Doting Indian Nationals
          Vishy - Vodka Is Sweet, He Yells
          Tendulkar - Tiny, Exciting, Neverending Dynamo Undyingly Labours, Keeps A Record
          Amarnath - After Many A Reincarnation, Now Acknowledged Top Hand
          Prasanna - Prince Radiant Among Spinners, Astutely Nailed Nimble Attackers

          Bedi - Beautifully Executed Deliveries Indefinitely
          Chandra - Cleverly Hides Another Nagging Delivery Really Accurately
          Shastri - Shall His Achivements Still Truly Remain Interred?
          Srinath - Simply Ravishing Incutters, Not A Ten-wicket Haul |
          Kumble - Killer Universal, Makes Batsmen Leave Embarassed
          Sidhu - Shall I Drop Him Unfairly?

          Mongia - Many Of Nayan's Gatherings Instigate Admiration
          Chetan - Cantering Hurriedly, Ends-up Throwing Another No-ball
          Raman - Remember, All Madrasis Are Nervous
          Amol - Another Mumbai-ite Overly Lauded ?
          Muzumdar - Mediocre Underachiever Zealously Undertakes Many Drives And Run-outs

          Ankola - Another Non Karnatakan Obviously Lacking Ability
          Kuruvilla - Keralite Under Relocation Ultimately Vanquished In Lady Luck's Arena
          Waqar - With A Quirky Ambulating Run-up
          Qadir - Quirky And Dancing In Run-up
          Salim - Silken And Lovely is Malik

          Malik - Making A Little Illegally To Keep
          Miandad - Made India A Nation, Devastated And Demoralised
          Abbas - Another Batsman Better Against Spin
          Inzamam - In New Zealand A Magical Artillery Man
          Afridi - A Fabulous Record In Debut Innings
          Mushtaq - Maybe Under Shane, However Turns Amazingly Quickly
          Saqlain - Such A Queer Loser Against India Nowadays
          Saeed Anwar - Solid, Authoritative, Elegant, Energetic Destroyer And Never Will Act Rudely

          Muralitharan - Makes Umpires Really Anxious; Look Into The Hairy Annals, Read A Newsgroup
          Hadlee - Has Always Destroyed Lesser Experienced Enemies
          Botham - Bat Only To Hit Against Mediocres Brings Out The Hash After Meals
          Lara - Loutish Although Really Amazing
          Richards - Risk In Crises Has Aroused Rare Devastating Shots
          Marshall - Murderous Angry Rebel Shall Harm All Lily-livered Lilies
          Bradman - Brilliant Ruler Always Delighted Many A Newcomer - Bragging
          Rights Always Demand Magnificently Astronomic Numbers

          Gatting - Glutton Aiming Towards Tons In Numerous Grounds
                  -  God
                  that Tweaker Is Never Going |
          Gower - Gifts Of Willow Ever Resplendent Gentlemanly Outlook, Wants Easy  Runs

          Garner - Giant Arms Really Necessitate Extreme Reactions
          Holding - He Often Laughingly Demolished Intently Navigating Grafters
          Border - Boisterous Old Rabbit Downed Enviable Records
          Boycott - Boring Old Yorkshireman Could Outlast Testing Times
          Hooper - Hopes Of Outstanding Performances Ever Ridiculed
          Illingworth - Idiotic Lousy Loser Invariably Never Grasped Worth of
          Ramprakash, Then Hick

          Sobers - Simply Outstanding Batsman Effortlessly Repeats Sixes
                     - Supreme Only Bradman Ever Rated Similarly
          Kanhai - King Amongst Noblemen Hardly Affected Invidiously
          Hughes - Hellishly Ugly Guy Had Excellent Spells
          Jardine - Jeopardising All Relations, Dastardly Introduced Neanderthal  England

          Kalu - Keeping And Lashing Unendingly
          Donald - Don't Overdo, Nearly Another Ligament Damaged
          Rhodes - Rather Hyperactive Oddball Defies Expected Standards
          Wessels - Workmanlike Emigrator Scored Slowly Encompassing Lengthy

          Lillee - Loves Injuring Lily Livered Earnest Englishmen
          Knott - Keeper Number One, Tried & Tested
          Miller - Movie Idol Looks, Leading English Rout
          Twose - Trier Who Only Succeeded Emigrating
          Adams - Another Dasher Against Mediocre Spin
          Browne - Bottom Ranked Of Wicketkeepers Nearly EVER |  Bringing Really Ordinary Wicketkeeping Near Everybody

          Crowe - Can Really Overdo Whacking Everything
          Nash - Narcotics Aren't So Hot
         Hart - Hashish Ain't Really Terrific

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200 yards

The cricketer was proud of his progress as a batsman and invited his mother-in-law along to watch him play, hoping to impress her.

At the crease, he turned to the wicket-keeper and said 'I'm anxious to do well and really hit this ball. That's my wife's mother over there.'

'Don't be silly,' said the wicket-keeper. 'You'll never hit her at two hundred yards.

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Ode to Saurav Ganguly

Nagma boli kem chhey kem chhey kem chhey
Dada bole eim chhey eim chhey eim chhey
runs nahin bante hain matches mein
arrey yeh to game chhey game
chhey game chhey game chhey
Jab ball ko maine dekha aur dekh ke maara shot
sneak liya ball ne aur ho gaya main caught
last time tha score less than 10
aur is baar bhi same chhey same chhey
same chhey same chhey
Jab fielding ki thi baari to chhode maine catch
mere kaaran hi India ne haare itne match
khelta hoon itna ghatiya par mujhko
aati nahin shame chhey shame
chhey shame chhey shame chhey

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Ajit and Viv Richards

Ajit: Maikal, Test Match mein kyaa ho raha hai ?

Maikal: Boss, Vivian Richards chhakke pe chhakke maar raha hai.

Ajit: Saaleh ko sabak sikhana padega. Lunch break mein usse phone milana.

Maikal: Yes Boss.

AJIT: (on phone, to Richards): Veeveeyun Reechards, tumhari Maa hamare kabze mein hai .......

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