Sidhuisms - More one liners from Sidhu

  1. A girl born beautiful is half married
  2. In London they drive on the left, in India we drive on what is left!
  3. Harbhajan (when batting) could be a windmill with a single blade during a hurricane,
  4. Strutting around wicket as 'proud as peacock'
  5. Still waters run deep. The Indians were so still in the 3rd test that they ran into deep oceans
  6. Ganguly moves so slowly on the field like Jack of 'Jack n Jill' who goes to fetch pail of runs for the opposition
  7. Umpires are like traffic police -the techniques they use to give a decision are outdated
  8. Flip the coin and there is no head or tail. (India plays the cricket without any aim)
  9. A barking dog is better than a sleeping Lion, so go on Indians, Bark aloud! and let everyone hear you louder!!! The dog that barks last, barks best
  10. S.Ramesh's running between the wickets is like a snail going slow!
  11. He is like an Indian transistor, which does not work until you give it two slaps.
  12. If you are trying to beat India in their home, you are you trying to get milk out of an ox.
  13. Indian team is just like Indian just cannot predict when there will be flood & when there will be drought.
  14. The ball went soo high up in the air that it kissed an air-hostess on its way back.
  15. Rahul is like the hall of fire !!!!
  16. Ganguly has taken the cake with plum on top (ha ha ha)
  17. The ball slipped from his hands like butter from hot paratha
  18. Women are worse than wine - They intoxicate both the holder and the beholder (when a pretty young thing was shown on TV screen)
  19. For Geoffrey Boycott - a hair on head is worth two in the brush (In response to Shastri's comment "a bird in hand is worth 2 in bush" when Yohannan was carrying the bird hit by Tendulkar)