Us vs India Technological Advancement

Once an Indian goes to USA and meets President Bush. Bush takes him to a jungle to prove that Americans are technologically advanced.

In the jungle, Bush asks the Indian to start digging. He keeps on digging. When he reaches 100ft Bush tells him to start searching. The Indian finds a piece of wire.

Bush proudly says €œYou see; even 100 years back we had telephone€.

At this the Indian gets really annoyed.

Next year Bush comes to India. The Indian takes him to a jungle and tells him to start digging. Bush digs 100 ft and stops. The Indian tells him to continue. He digs 200ft. The Indian tells him to continue. Bush finally reaches 400ft and Indian tells him to stop. But Bush doesn€™t find anything and is annoyed.

Bush asks the Indian €œWhat did you want to prove?€.

The Indian replies € Even 400 years back we had wireless€.

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