One for the Friend

Subedar Lehna Singh and Subedar Imamdin were in the same regiment in the British Indian Army. They were inseparable friends and spent their evenings drinking together. The partition separated them as Subedar Imamdin was absorbed in the Pakistan Army.

To keep his friend's memory alive Subedar Lehna Singh always filled two glasses with rum and water and sipped from each alternately! When somebody asked him why he did so, he explained: 'This glass is Imamdin's; this one is mine. So I take a sip from each €” one on behalf of Imamdin, the other for myself.'

Suddenly one evening Subedar Lehna Singh was seen with only one glass on his table. He was asked what had happened. He replied, 'You see, I have given up drinking but Imamdin has not. So I have put away my glass and drink only on behalf of my friend.

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Honorable Politics

A man saw an epitaph in a cemetery which read: 'Here lies an honest man and politician.'

'Shame,' he cried, 'two people in the same grave'.

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Better Blues

Santa saw that his friend Ram Lai was very depressed. 'What happened?' asked Santa.

'Yaar, I lost Rs 800 in a bet yesterday.' 'How come?' 'Well, yesterday, the one day match between India and England was being shown live on TV I bet Rs 500 that India would win, but I lost the bet.'

'But that's only Rs 500, where did the rest go?' 'Yaar, I bet on the highlights too

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Smart Move

SMART MOVE Rakesh: 'Broken off your engagement to Meena?'

Mahesh: 'She would not have me.' Rakesh: 'You should have told her about your rich uncle in Bombay.'

Mahesh: I did. She is my aunt now.

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Hand Baggage

Uijaagar boarded a crowded bus with a bagful of purchases. There was no vacant seat. As the old bus rattled and swayed, he supported himself precariously, holding the bag in one hand, the other hand holding the bar provided near the ceiling.

'Ticket ... ticket ... ticket,' the conductor made several rounds past Ujaagar. His wallet in his hip pocket and both hands engaged, Ujaagar didn't know what to do.

'Ticket, Sardarji,' the conductor asked again. Ujaagar thrust the bag into the conductor's hand and struggled to take the wallet out, when the conductor protested: I can't be carrying passengers' baggage like this €” I'm the conductor, after all!'

'Okay, then give me the bag, and here, will you please hold the bar,' replied Ujaagar

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Labour Woes

The Indian and Cuban labour ministers were in the midst of a meeting.

Cuban labour minister: 'Labour problems in our nation produce hundreds of types of tensions for me.'

Indian labour minister: 'That's nothing. Labour problems in our nation produce 50,000 babies every day.

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