Like Mother Like Daughter

While being interviewed an actress was asked whether she intended to get married in the near future.

The lady replied,'Never, I will follow in the footsteps of my mother. Like her, I will remain single.'

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India - The New Millenium

Cheer up my son, buck up my boy,
You are living in 'The Land of Joy'.
You go to school where they do not teach,
In the House of God, they hatred preach.

If you have merit, you will sigh and sob,
If you are backward, you might get a job.
Out of caste, if you dare to wed,
Your kith and kin will chop your head.

If you are honest, in north or in south,
You will live from hand to mouth.
If you are wily and your means sinister,
You are likely to become a chief minister.

But remember the new maxim, my lad,
Defection is good, conversion is bad

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Santa and Banta met on a village road. Santa was carrying a large gunny bag over his shoulder.

'Oye, Santa,' hailed Banta, 'what is in the bag?' 'Murgiyan €” Chickens,' came the reply. 'If I guess how many, can I have one?' asked Banta

'You can have both of them.'

'OK,' said Banta, 'five.'

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Greed Unlimited

Lala Garib Chand was a wealthyzamindar. He asked his maneem (accountant) to add up all he owned and how long it could last.

Themuneem added up all his assets and assured him that it would certainly hold out till the traditional saat pusht €” seven generations.

Far from being relieved Lala Garib Chand looked more disconsolate than before and with a great sigh of sorrow exclaimed, Hai! Hamaaree aathveen pusht ka kya hoga? (Oh! What will happen to our eighth generation?

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Bright Idea

Just married, Sukhwant had bad news for her husband when he returned home from his day's work. 'I feel so sorry,' Sukhwant said with a sob, 'I was pressing your best suit and burnt a hole in the seat of the trousers.'

'Don't worry, darling,' said the husband amorously, 'I have another pair of trousers to match that suit.'

'Yes, I know,' Sukhwant replied. 'You're lucky that you have. Thanks to that, I was able to patch up the hole!'

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Grandfather or Grandmother

Ujaagar's eldest daughter had been taken to the delivery room in a hospital and he was anxiously waiting outside, when he heard the crying of a newborn babe.

A few minutes later a nurse came out of the delivery room. Ujaagar rushed up to her and enquired, 'Sister, am I a grandfather or a grandmother?

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