You know your parents are desi when...Part 1

You know your parents are desi when.......
  1. When your mom makes a Mexican meal and tells you to count the number of Taco Bell sauce packets in her purse.
  2. They peel the stamps off letters that the postal service missed to mark up.
  3. They buy 2-ply toilet paper and they tell you to use only 1 ply at a time to make it last.
  4. When your mom comes home with napkins stuffed in her purse of the restaraunt she last ate at.
  5. When you become part of that viscious clan who recycles wedding gifts-
  6. Take Indian snacks anywhere it says "No food allowed"
  7. Make kichdi on the beach wearing saris
  8. Wear shorts with dress socks and tennis shoes
  9. Try to use coupons that expired 5 months ago and argue when the store doesn't accept them, or simply tear off the expiration date
  10. Eat half of a pizza at a restaurant and then complaining that it wasn't made right (I want refund!)

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